Choosing a reliable, hassle-free transition moving company is crucial. As moving itself is stressfull. In Uniq Mobilisation Services we has the experience and expertise that will help your moving smooth & hassles free as every move is specialize tailor and monitor to suit your needs. Here’s what we offer :

Household Moving Guide
If you have a choice in terms of the time of the year or month when it comes to scheduling your move. Moving during off peak times is. As end of the month and summer is generally the busiest time for generally moving company. As many business practices which often finalize the sale of a house or conclusion of a lease on the last day families will relocate and summer while school is out of session whether moving domestically or internationally.

Being well prepared will not only save you time it save you money, this will substantially reduce your anxiety and level of stress during your moving day.

Once you have chosen your mover, contact your mover immediately to book for the schedule packing date, without any further delay.
Packing Your Belongings
Adequately packing your valued belongings is essential in assuring that your shipment arrives at its destination in the same condition as it was loaded. While we recommend that you have your belongings professionally packed, you may choose to pack less valuable or less fragile items yourself. However, you need to keep in mind that insurance company will not usually accept liability for damage to items in boxes that have been packed by the owner.

Prior to your signing the packing lists, you are to make sure that the inventory is complete and that all copies are legible. All valuable items should be listed separately for insurance purpose.

On the Day of The Move
Depending on the size of your move, it may take several days to prepare your goods for packing and loading. Your mover makes every effort to be available on the agreed upon dates, equipment availability may occasionally affect your loading date.

Once the packing crews arrives at your home, the crew supervisor will introduce himself to you and will answer any questions that you may have. The crew supervisor will at the same time provided you some paperwork for your signing, please read through carefully.

Other contact information, such as your destination contact and agent contact at destination will be provided to you separately when a move specialize visit the site.

After Completed of Packing
Any issues after the move is completed, make sure to contact your mover as soon as possible. While you do have some time to file a claim in the event that there is any damage or misplaced items. Check with your mover for specific procedures and/or regulations governing the filing and processing of claims.

Special care for your furry
(Pet Transport)

There are times when moving your pet with the rest of the family may not be an option. Uniq has pet transport partners who will provide a comfortable environment and deliver your family member to your new home.

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